Historical props

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Torture Devices

Name Catalog number Number of pieces
Cages Cages 1284-MU_013


Chair Chair 1297-MU_020


Chastity belt Chastity belt 1239-MU_005


Chopping block Chopping block 1381-Spal-0001


Donkey Donkey 1288-mu_015


Gripper etc. Gripper etc. 1279-MU_011


Guillotine Guillotine 1314-MU_021


Mask Mask 1191-MUC_002


Others Others 1287-MU_014


Pear of Anquish Pear of Anquish 1391-Pear


Pilliwinks Pilliwinks 1277-MU_008


Pincers, chains, lies Pincers, chains, lies 1192-MUC_003


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